How to Become a Top 5% Email Designer in Under 3 Days ( GB)

Nate Vanwagoner – How To Become A Top 5% Email Designer In Under 3 Days

Nate Vanwagoner – How to Become a Top 5% Email Designer in Under 3 Days

Designing Emails can be intimidating and stressful. My Email Design strategies generated over $2,000,000.00 in revenue in the first 12 months for my clients.

You don’t need Photoshop or know how to code HTML. The strategies we cover in this course will easily put you in the top 5% of email designers in under 3 days.

I’ve also included some bonus design tools I’ve discovered that will change the game for you and your team.

My exact system on how I design saucy emails for brands like Worldstar and many more!

How to Become a Top 5% Email Designer in Under 3 Days By Nate Vanwagoner, what is it included

  • Quick Intro
  • Design Emails Out Of Thin Air _ by NV3M
  • How to add countdown timers to emails by NV3M (1)
  • How to build emails with screenshots only _ NV3M
  • Game changer, Mirror Effect Technique _ NV3M
  • Intro to Figma _ NV3M
  • Deeper dive into Figma & Intro to Emailify HTML Builder plugin _ NV3M
  • The most POWERFUL Email builder, _ NV3M
  • The Secret Sauce Tools I use for design _ NV3M
  • Freestyle Designing Flows ( Skincare Brand) _ NV3M
  • How to setup & connect Pop-up to welcome series Flow _ NV3M
  • Apparel Brand_ Freestyle Welcome Series Build Out Email #1 _ NV3M

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