Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack

Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack

Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack

Hey there! If you’re into trading and looking for some top-notch tools, the Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack is worth checking out. This pack bundles the best indicators from their super popular Bundle Pack (over 3,900 downloads!) and adds some new, never-before-seen TradingView indicators. You get a total of 15 powerful indicators right after you purchase, all aimed at boosting your trading game and saving you some cash.

In this review, we’ll dive into what makes the Pro Indicator Pack special. We’ll go over what you get, who it’s for, and why it’s a great deal. Plus, we’ll chat about how using a friendly tone in your content can help you connect better with your readers.


Trading can be a bit tricky, but having the right indicators can really help. The Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack is designed to give traders the best tools for making smart trading decisions. This pack combines top indicators from previous versions with new ones that haven’t been available before. It’s a great value, especially with the big discount they offer.

When you get the Pro Indicator Pack, you’re snagging 15 top-notch indicators that would usually cost $1,295 if bought separately. But with this pack, you save $796! Plus, you’ll get a $400 off coupon for the Top & Bottom Finder at checkout, which is a sweet bonus.

What You Get

Trades In Favor (11 Indicators Included) – $299

  • This set includes 11 indicators designed to help you spot trades that are in your favor. These are essential for making informed trading choices.
  • Check it out

Price vs. Whale Money Flow – $249

  • This indicator tracks the flow of money from big players or “whales” in the market. It’s great for understanding market trends and movements.
  • Learn more

Breakout Detector – $249

  • The Breakout Detector helps you find potential breakout points in the market, so you can get in at the best times.
  • See details

Support/Resistance – $249

  • This tool identifies key support and resistance levels, crucial for understanding market dynamics and where reversals might happen.
  • Learn more

Trend Dashboard – $249

  • The Trend Dashboard gives you an overview of market trends, helping you stay on top of the current conditions and make better trading decisions.
  • Check it out

Additional Bonuses

$400 Off Coupon for Top & Bottom Finder

  • Every purchase of the Pro Indicator Pack includes a $400 off coupon for the Top & Bottom Finder, which adds even more value to your investment.

Why This Course Stands Out

The Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack isn’t just a bunch of tools; it’s a complete learning experience designed to help you up your trading game. These indicators give you detailed insights into market movements, helping you make smarter trading decisions. Using these tools, you’ll get a better understanding of market trends and can fine-tune your trading strategy.


The Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack is a solid investment for anyone looking to boost their trading strategies with high-quality indicators. With the significant savings and instant access to 15 powerful tools, this pack has everything you need to take your trading to the next level. These indicators can improve your trading decisions and give you an edge in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack?

It’s a comprehensive pack of 15 top trading indicators for TradingView, designed to enhance your trading strategies.

How much does the Pro Indicator Pack cost?

The total value of the indicators is $1,295, but the pack is offered at a 60% discount, saving you $796.

How do I get access to the indicators?

Purchase the pack, receive the source codes immediately, and upload them to the PineScript editor in TradingView.

Who can benefit from this course?

Both new and experienced traders looking to improve their strategies with advanced indicators will find this pack useful.

Are there any additional bonuses?

Yes, every purchase includes a $400 off coupon for the Top & Bottom Finder, adding more value to your investment.

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Trade Confident – Pro Indicator Pack Contains: Videos, PDF’s


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