Stephen Noch and Andrew Bailiff – That Amazon Ads Masterclass

Stephen Noch and Andrew Bailiff – That Amazon Ads Masterclass

Stephen Noch and Andrew Bailiff – That Amazon Ads Masterclass

Hey there! If you’re diving into the world of Amazon advertising or looking to take your skills to the next level, the Stephen Noch and Andrew Bailiff – That Amazon Ads Masterclass is exactly what you need. This course is packed with everything you need to know about Amazon advertising, from the basics to advanced strategies. Whether you’re a brand owner, an advertiser, or part of an agency, this masterclass is designed to make you an Amazon ads expert.

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Stephen Noch and Andrew Bailiff – That Amazon Ads Masterclass

What’s Included in the Course?

The Amazon Ads Masterclass offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of Amazon PPC advertising. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive Training: The course spans over 20 hours of content, including more than 50 modules, designed to provide a deep dive into Amazon advertising.
  • Interactive Learning Materials: These additional resources will help reinforce your learning and ensure you can apply the concepts in real-world scenarios.
  • Professional Format: The course is structured in a way that balances fundamentals with advanced tactics, presented in a clear, professional, and engaging format.

Course Structure

The course is structured into five detailed modules, each focusing on different aspects of Amazon PPC advertising. Here’s what each module covers:

Module 1 – Introduction to Amazon PPC

This module is perfect for complete beginners. You’ll get an introduction to Amazon’s ad platform and learn how to use Amazon PPC to reach more customers and grow your sales. The goal here is to make you comfortable with the basics and set a solid foundation for more advanced strategies.

  • Getting Started: Understanding the Amazon ad platform and its potential.
  • Setting Up Your First Campaign: Step-by-step instructions to create your first Amazon PPC campaign.
  • Understanding Metrics: Learn about the key metrics you need to monitor for successful campaigns.

Module 2 – Fundamental Principles

In this module, you’ll dive into the core principles of Amazon PPC. These lessons are crucial for building a strong foundation.

  • Campaign Naming & Structure: Best practices for organizing your campaigns.
  • Keyword Harvesting Principles: How to find and use the best keywords for your ads.
  • Budget Management: Strategies to allocate your budget effectively.
  • ACOS Target: Determining your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) target.
  • Troubleshooting Rising ACOS: Tips on managing and lowering your ACOS if it starts to climb.

Module 3 – Intermediate Strategies

Ready to take things up a notch? This module covers intermediate strategies that will help you optimize your campaigns further.

  • Keyword Bid Optimization: Learn how to adjust your bids to maximize performance.
  • Campaign Placement Settings: Understand how to optimize where and when your ads appear.
  • Sponsored Brand & Display Ads: Detailed instructions on structuring these types of ads.
  • Amazon Advertising Reports: Learn how to read and utilize these reports for better decision-making.
  • Excel Tips and Tricks: Useful Excel skills for managing your ad data.
  • Negative Keyword Management: Strategies for using negative keywords to improve ad efficiency.

Module 4 – Advanced Tactics

For those looking to master Amazon advertising, this module offers advanced tactics that go beyond the basics.

  • Advanced Keyword Bidding and Placement: Master the nuances of keyword bidding.
  • Single-Keyword Campaigns: Learn the benefits and how to implement single-keyword campaigns.
  • New Product Launch Strategies: Effective advertising strategies for launching new products.
  • Copywriting for Sponsored Brands: Improve your ad copy to attract and convert more customers.

Module 5 – Bulk Operations

Efficiency is key in Amazon PPC, and this module shows you how to streamline your processes.

  • Using Bulk Operations: Learn how to perform routine tasks faster.
  • Step-by-Step Walkthroughs: Over-the-shoulder guidance on launching, updating, and managing your campaigns using bulk operations.

Key Topics Covered

Throughout the course, Stephen and Andrew cover a wide range of topics essential for Amazon advertisers. Here are some of the primary subjects:

  • Amazon PPC Basics: Fundamentals for beginners to get started.
  • Advanced Tactics: High-level strategies for seasoned advertisers.
  • Campaign Structure: How to organize and manage your campaigns effectively.
  • Keyword Management: Harvesting, bidding, and negative keywords.
  • Budget and ACOS Management: Keeping your ad spend in check and optimizing your return.
  • Ad Types: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Display Ads.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Making sense of Amazon’s ad reports.
  • Efficiency Tools: Excel tips and bulk operations for streamlined management.

Who Should Attend This Course

The Amazon Ads Masterclass is perfect for:

  • Amazon Advertisers: If you’re managing ads on Amazon and want to up your game, this course is for you.
  • Brand Owners: Looking to grow your sales on Amazon? Learn how to effectively use Amazon PPC.
  • Agencies: Want to provide top-notch Amazon advertising services to your clients? This masterclass will equip you with the necessary skills.

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: From the basics to advanced tactics, this course covers all aspects of Amazon advertising.
  • Hands-On Learning: Over-the-shoulder style lessons ensure you can see exactly how to implement the strategies.
  • Expert Insights: Learn from Stephen Noch and Andrew Bailiff, seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in Amazon advertising.
  • Efficient Processes: Learn how to use bulk operations to save time and manage your campaigns more effectively.

Additional Bonuses

In addition to the core content, the course also offers:

  • Interactive Learning Materials: Additional resources to help reinforce your learning.
  • Real-World Examples: Practical examples that show you how to apply the concepts in real scenarios.
  • Updates: Stay current with the latest strategies and tools as the course content is regularly updated.

Making it Friendly and Engaging

Okay, let’s make this even friendlier and more engaging. Imagine you’re sitting down with Stephen and Andrew, having a casual chat about Amazon ads. They’re super approachable and know exactly how to explain things without any fluff.

When you start with Module 1, it feels like Stephen is sitting right next to you, guiding you through the basics of Amazon PPC. He explains everything in simple terms, making sure you understand how to use the ad platform to reach more customers. It’s all about getting comfortable with the system and understanding the potential it has for your business.

Moving on to Module 2, Andrew takes over and dives into the fundamental principles. He’s got this knack for breaking down complex ideas into bite-sized pieces. You’ll learn how to name and structure your campaigns, find the best keywords, and manage your budget effectively. Andrew also shares some nifty tricks on determining your ACOS target and troubleshooting when things don’t go as planned.

By the time you reach Module 3, you’re ready for some intermediate strategies. Stephen jumps back in and shows you how to optimize your keyword bids and campaign placements. He walks you through setting up Sponsored Brand and Display ads, and even throws in some Excel tips to make managing your ad data a breeze. Negative keywords? No problem. Stephen’s got you covered with strategies to improve your ad efficiency.

Now, Module 4 is where things get really exciting. Andrew brings out the big guns with advanced tactics. You’ll learn about single-keyword campaigns, advanced keyword bidding, and placement settings. He even shares his secret sauce for launching new products and crafting compelling ad copy for Sponsored Brands. It’s like having a masterclass within a masterclass!

Finally, Module 5 is all about bulk operations. This is where Stephen shows you how to speed up your workflow and manage tasks more efficiently. With step-by-step walkthroughs, you’ll see exactly how to launch, update, and manage your campaigns using bulk operations. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to save time and boost productivity.

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about mastering Amazon advertising, the Stephen Noch and Andrew Bailiff – That Amazon Ads Masterclass is a must. With comprehensive coverage, hands-on learning, and expert insights, this course provides everything you need to succeed. Plus, the additional bonuses and lifetime access ensure you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest strategies. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in the That Amazon Ads Masterclass today and take your Amazon advertising skills to the next level!

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