Taylor Johnson – Orgasmic Mastery Course

Taylor Johnson - Orgasmic Mastery Course

Taylor Johnson – Orgasmic Mastery Course

Are ready to take action to change their sex life for the rest of their life.

Over these 5 weeks, you’ll learn how to.
1. Master your Sexual Energy
And supercharge your entire life- including your creative projects, relationships, business, and financial abundance.
2. Experience Multiple Orgasms
Master the art of non-ejaculatory orgasm, and choose what kind of orgasm you want to have.
3. Make Love for Hours
And overcome premature ejaculation. Be the man who blows his lover’s mind.

1. WEEKLY live group call RECORDINGS
2. 5 Action-Oriented Modules
– MODULE 1- FOUNDATIONS OF ORGASMIC MASTERY- Reprogram your sexual response system and create a powerful foundation for the rest of your life.
– MODULE 2- STRENGTH & ENERGY- Strengthen your pelvic floor and increase the amount of energy your system can hold.
– MODULE 3- AWARENESS & CONTROL- Master your arousal and learn techniques to move your sexual energy any way you like.
– MODULE 4- ORGASM WITHOUT EJACULATION- Experience more pleasure than you’ve ever imagined. The pathway to “Tantric” and multiple orgasms is different from the pathway to traditional ejaculation. Learn what makes the difference, and learn how to reach these higher states of orgasmic pleasure.
– MODULE 5- ORGASMIC MASTERY LIFESTYLE- Supercharge your entire life with powerful sexual energy. from your sexual relationships to your life purpose, creative pursuits, and the amount of money and abundance you’re able to create.

– Understand the impact of porn on your intimate relationships & ability to control your ejaculation.- [Video Lesson]
– Unique partner practices in each module for you and your lover to do together.- [Video Lessons]
– Draw your sexual energy back from anyone or anything it’s attached to. – [Guided Visualization from the Quidoushka Tradition]
– Learn how to tell if your partner is subconsciously attached to your ejaculation. – [Video Lesson]

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