Social Power & Charisma Implant System

Social Power &Amp; Charisma Implant System

Social Power & Charisma Implant System

Social Power and Charisma Implant System is a six-week online course that’s designed to help you do four things:
– Implant an extremely “high-value mindset” into you.
– Implant attitudes and behaviors in you that command desire and respect from girls
– Use charismatic communication to gain power over your social world
– Use your “high-value reputation” to become “The Prize” hot girls naturally chase.

Week 1: The Attitude Equation
The first thing we implant you within week one is a High Price Tag.
Week 2: Charisma Implant
In week two, we do three things:

– Implant charismatic qualities into you to make sure your new high-value attitude doesn’t make you come off cold or indifferent towards girls
– Show you how to demonstrate the #1 trait that creates sexual charisma.
– Show you how to lead a girl into “your world” so that she begins to tune out other guys and focuses all her attention on you

Week 3: Crafting Your Story
Here’s the thing: Just about every social scene I’ve entered since college I’ve been able to date and sleep with the hottest girls (and make friends with some pretty cool dudes as well).
And that’s across all kinds of scenes. And it was with very few “superficial” advantages. Heck, I was a house painter living on $350 a week, driving a crappy car, and living in a dingy house with four roommates, and was still juggling three different girls.
And it’s NOT because I’m a great talker, great looking, or anything like that.
Week 4: Controlling Her Perception
Now it’s time to take the story we’ve built and turn it into a well-oiled seduction machine.
Everything a girl perceives about you is based on five specific things.
Week 5: Presence and Personality
See most guys think they lack an attractive, fun, or powerful personality, but most often you just need to learn how to display your personality attractively.
And that usually just involves a handful of subtle tweaks that you’ll discover this week.
Week 6: High-Status Communication
Now that you’ve tied everything together, it’s time to communicate that value.
This week you’ll discover how to communicate that identity with every conversation you have.
This is the exact system I’ve personally used date and sleep with the coolest hottest girls in my social world, the steps I’ve used to infiltrate new social scenes, make cool friends (all over the world), and also, as a side bonus, to grow my business.

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