Mo Bunnell – GrowBIG Foundations

Mo Bunnell – Growbig Foundations

Mo Bunnell – GrowBIG Foundations

Rainmakers aren’t born. They’re created, and I can prove it to you.

Everything you need to rewire your brain to become the salesperson you know you are.

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But why is business development so different?

For whatever reason, most people don’t see being great at bringing in business the same way they might see being a great concert pianist.
To the pianist, we credit training, practice, and focus.
But sales? Charisma, “A-personalities”, and a dash of bravado.
I know you probably don’t consider yourself to be a rainmaker.
You’re a professional in a specific field, like consulting or law, or an account manager leading important client relationships. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur, running the business and also on the hook for growing it.
The point is, you’ve worked hard to be good at something. You love your core expertise. You’re good at it and want to keep doing it. But, if you don’t add the expertise of buy from you, you won’t keep rising.
You trained hard to be great at your particular field – after all, you weren’t born with that expertise. So the question stands: how can you become as great at bringing in business as you are with your core expertise?
How can you learn the science and steps of growth, to the depth you know your core expertise?
How can you practice those skills, bringing in more and more business while you continuously improve?
And how can you continue to focus on these newfound growth activities, even when you’re crazy busy doing the work?

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GrowBIG Foundations

Mo Bunnell – Growbig Foundations
Mo Bunnell – Growbig Foundations

Here’s why I’m so excited to share this new online course with you…

Our GrowBIG® Training is intense – it’s 3-days of hands-on, highly interactive, in-person training at our headquarters in Atlanta. For many professionals, the cost (around $4,000 + flights and hotel) and time spent off work is a hard pill to swallow.

GrowBIG® Training is intense because it’s designed to deliver a start-to-finish system that professionals can use to get bigger and better clients.

And, if I can be totally honest with you, it’s not something that everyone is ready for.

Many first need to fix a few fundamentals that most people get wrong: how they proactively advance opportunities, deepen relationships, and hack their own habits to stay on top of their progress.

That’s where GrowBIG® Foundations can help.

By the time you complete this online course, you’re going to be ahead of the pack. You’ll know what rainmakers do and don’t do. You’ll be able to integrate simple, efficient activities into your day to day-to-day routine. And, you’ll see results.

The course is broken up into five modules:

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Being great at selling isn’t something you’re “born with”

Remember: the Karate Kid didn’t wish his way into becoming great at martial arts. All the motivational posters and “rah, rah!” videos in the world weren’t going to teach him the Art of Karate.

And, like Daniel, you aren’t going to master the rainmaking by motivation alone. You just need to understand the expertise of business development, its core components, then to start using them. Just like your core expertise, you can learn to bring in business.

The first step is to take Business Development Breakthrough and have me help you better manage your opportunities, relationship, and yourself. Let’s get you successful with that first – and have you realize the results (more meaty work, more awesome clients!)


The first step is to take action: to enroll yourself right now in Business Development Breakthrough.

But enrolling isn’t enough. You’re going to commit to acting on the material, and becoming an expert in business development.

And, hey, if an actuary like myself can do this, you can too.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

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