Luke Fitzgerald – The Life Charms Academy

Luke Fitzgerald – The Life Charms Academy

Luke Fitzgerald – The Life Charms Academy

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All problems come from a lack of Clarity And this is the place will all will be made clear for you.

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This is WHY

In 18 months living in Bali we were able to feed thousands and give money to so many people. . . . and it’s not enough.

There are more people starving now than before, more people without money than before.

Food and money is not the problem. The problem is that people lacked the skills to create for themselves in a way that didn’t depend on everyone else.

This is why this Academy was created. It was created for all those who want to do, give and be more in life. For those who realize that they have the power within themselves to live the life the choose to.

And to never forget that this all started because of being in Bali. So this is for YOU and dedicated to the people of Bali, the place where my soul was transformed.

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