Julian Cole – Planning Dirty Academy

Julian Cole – Planning Dirty Academy

Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School

If you’re looking to sharpen your strategic planning and marketing skills, Planning Dirty Academy by Julian Cole is a fantastic resource. Whether you’re just starting out or have some experience, this course offers practical insights and real-world strategies that you can apply immediately.

Julian Cole – Planning Dirty Academy

About the Course

Julian Cole, a well-known strategist, created Planning Dirty Academy to make strategic planning more approachable. His practical, no-nonsense approach means you’ll be learning strategies that actually work, without all the fluff. This course is great if you want to get better at creating and implementing strategies that deliver results.

Course Structure

1. Introduction to Strategic Planning

First, you’ll get to grips with the basics:

  • What is Strategy?: Learn what strategic planning is and why it’s important.
  • The Role of a Strategist: Understand what a strategist does and how they add value.
  • Strategic Frameworks: Get an overview of different strategic models and frameworks.

This part sets you up with the foundational knowledge you need to dive deeper.

2. Research and Insights

Next, you’ll dive into research techniques:

  • Market Research: Learn how to gather valuable market data.
  • Consumer Insights: Discover how to understand and interpret consumer behavior.
  • Data Analysis: Get comfortable with analyzing data to uncover actionable insights.

Understanding your market and your customers is key to making smart strategic decisions.

3. Developing a Strategy

Now it’s time to create your own strategies:

  • Setting Objectives: Learn how to set clear, achievable goals.
  • Strategic Positioning: Find out how to position your brand or product effectively.
  • Creating a Strategic Plan: Get step-by-step guidance on building a strategic plan that works.

This module helps you turn your research and insights into actionable strategies.

4. Presenting Your Strategy

Learn how to effectively communicate your strategy:

  • Crafting a Compelling Narrative: How to tell the story of your strategy in a way that resonates.
  • Presentation Skills: Tips for delivering impactful presentations.
  • Visual Aids: Use visuals to make your strategy more engaging and easier to understand.

Being able to present your strategy well is crucial for getting buy-in from stakeholders.

5. Case Studies and Real-World Applications

See how strategies work in the real world:

  • Success Stories: Look at examples of successful strategies and why they worked.
  • Common Pitfalls: Learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Lessons Learned: Key takeaways from real-world strategic planning.

These case studies provide practical insights and inspiration for your own work.

Key Topics Covered

Understanding Strategic Planning

You’ll dive deep into the essentials of strategic planning, including:

  • Strategic Frameworks: Learn about different models and frameworks.
  • Role and Responsibilities: What it takes to be a successful strategist.
  • Strategic Thinking: Developing a strategic mindset.

Research and Insights

Master the art of gathering and analyzing data:

  • Market Research: Techniques for effective market research.
  • Consumer Behavior: Understanding and leveraging consumer insights.
  • Data Analysis: Turning data into actionable insights.

Strategy Development

Learn how to build effective strategies:

  • Objective Setting: Setting clear, actionable goals.
  • Market Positioning: Positioning your brand or product effectively.
  • Strategic Planning: Creating a comprehensive strategic plan.

Presenting Strategies

Communicate your strategies effectively:

  • Narrative Crafting: Telling a compelling story.
  • Presentation Skills: Delivering impactful presentations.
  • Visual Aids: Using visuals to enhance your message.

Who Should Attend This Course

This course is perfect for:

  • New Strategists: If you’re new to strategy, this course will give you a solid foundation.
  • Experienced Strategists: Refine your skills with advanced techniques.
  • Business Leaders: Ideal for executives and managers looking to improve their strategic planning abilities.

Benefits of Taking This Course

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop Effective Strategies: Create and implement strategies that work.
  • Gain Deep Insights: Conduct thorough research to inform your strategies.
  • Communicate Clearly: Present your strategies effectively to stakeholders.
  • Lifetime Access: Revisit the course materials whenever you need.
  • Community Support: Join a network of fellow strategists for ongoing support and advice.

Additional Bonuses

You’ll also get access to:

  • Templates and Tools: Practical tools to help you with your strategic planning.
  • Exclusive Webinars: Access to live webinars with Julian Cole.
  • Support Group: Join a private group for networking and support from other course participants.


Q: Is this course suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, it’s designed to be accessible for beginners while also offering advanced techniques for more experienced strategists.

Q: Can these strategies be applied to any industry?
A: Absolutely! The principles taught in this course are applicable across various industries.

Q: How long do I have access to the course materials?
A: You get lifetime access, so you can revisit the content whenever you need.

Q: Are there any prerequisites?
A: No prior experience is needed. This course is designed for everyone.

Q: What kind of support can I expect?
A: You’ll have access to a support group and live webinars for ongoing help and advice.

Final Thoughts

The Planning Dirty Academy by Julian Cole is a comprehensive resource for anyone serious about mastering strategic planning. It’s packed with valuable insights, practical strategies, and real-world examples. By taking this course, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to create and implement effective strategies, communicate them clearly, and achieve your business goals.

Ready to take your strategic planning skills to the next level? The Planning Dirty Academy is the perfect place to start. Get the knowledge and tools you need to succeed and start thinking strategically today!

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