Josh Whiting – Bulletproof Mind

Josh Whiting – Bulletproof Mind

The Life-Changing 3 Step System To get Rid of Fear, Doubt and Frustration and Become Bulletproof

Josh Whiting – Bulletproof Mind

Eliminate Fear, Doubt & Frustration.

For Good.

What You Get:

Step 1: Understand the Mind

The Truth about the Mind…

  • The root causes of fear, doubt, frustration and depression and how to eliminate all of them
  • The anatomy of negative thoughts and how to get rid of them
  • Why “positive thinking” doesn’t work and what to do instead
  • The science behind why traditional “personal development” doesn’t work and continually leaves you searching for more
  • The two ways to get any result in life and which one is guaranteed to leave you feeling better (and actually achieving your goals)
  • How to make lasting changes quickly without meditation, tons of books, conditioning, massive action or forcing yourself

Step 2: Clear Your Charges

Eliminate Negative Emotions…

  • 10 Powerful Tools & Processes will take you step by step through eliminating what’s holding you back
  • Eliminate any fear including fear of failure, judgment, success, loss, negative thoughts and leave you feeling focused & confident
  • Get rid of self doubt and any negative thought patterns using the self-doubt tool
  • ​Eliminate all other negative emotions: anger, resentment, frustration, fear & anxiety, self doubt, feeling judged, guilt & shame, Grief & loss, depression & infatuation…
  • Keep the tools forever and use them to keep you focused, resilient and confident as challenges in life arise

Step 3: Create Your Future

Get what you want in life…

  • 4 Practical Tools & Processes to help you get everything you want and more
  • Learn why traditional goal setting and “massive action” doesn’t work
  • ​Discover your Greatness process will guide you to uncovering your life purpose
  • Goal Setting Workshop will help you set goals that you will actually achieve (you’ve never heard it like this)
  • Linking Process will guide you to true alignment and will link your goals to your purpose so you are pulled to achieve them
  • Chunking & Planning Process will guide you to create an actionable, practical game-plan for every area of your life
  • Daily routine & practices for maintaining a bulletproof mind

12 Bonus Lessons

Accelerate your progress…

  • Dealing with negative people 101
  • ​Your mind & time
  • ​Your mind & money
  • ​Using your mind to boost your immune system
  • ​Increase your value & self worth
  • ​How to stop any unwanted habit
  • ​How to start any desired habit
  • ​Recommended reading & programs list
  • ​The truth about the brain
  • ​How to learn things incredibly fast
  • ​The truth about therapists
  • ​The consistency tracker tool

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