Jack Corsellis – Course Bundle

Jack Corsellis – Course Bundle

Jack Corsellis – Course Bundle

The swing Trading community is designed to save you time every day.

STOP spending hours scanning for setups – focus on only what Jack considers the BEST US stock setups sent to you every weekday.

Find the Best Stocks

Do you spend many hours a week trying to find the best stock setups?

Prime Traders Club provides you with what Jack considers are the best US Stocks and Crypto Swing Trading Opportunities every weekday.

A Traders Community

Do you find stock trading a lonely business and want support from other experienced traders?

Prime Traders Club provides you with access to a thriving trading community 24 hours a day for you to discuss all things trading related.

Jack’s Trading Portfolio
Do you want daily access to see how Jack manages his own swing trades?
As a Prime Traders Club Member, you’ll have access to Jack’s trading account portfolio holdings and see how he’s managing positions on a daily basis.
Get immediately download Jack Corsellis Course Bundle
Jack Corsellis
PTC Founder and Pro Swing Trader

Jack has over 11 years of experience as a swing trader. He is also one of the leading stock market teachers and his trading expertise and coaching are world-renowned.

Jack’s process is built on the greats before him – Wyckoff, Livermore, Darvas, O’Neil, Weinstein, and Minervini to name a few.

Trading Methodology

Jack’s swing trading methodology focuses on 4 main elements

These are: Identity, Control, Mitigate, and Optimise.

As a Prime Traders Club member, you’ll learn first-hand Jack’s swing trading methodology.

Chart Patterns that Jack Trades

Jack trades the best actionable US Stock and Crypto setups based on these chart patterns.

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