EA Trading Academy – The Complete FTMO Challenge

EA Trading Academy – The Complete FTMO Challenge

EA Trading Academy – The Complete FTMO Challenge

Hey there, future trading champion! 🌟 If you’ve been struggling to pass the FTMO Challenge, or you’re gearing up to take it for the first time, the EA Trading Academy – The Complete FTMO Challenge course is here to help. This course is packed with strategies and tips that will boost your chances of passing the FTMO Challenge on your first try, and it’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned traders. Let’s dive into what makes this course an essential tool for any aspiring trader.

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About the Course

What Is The Complete FTMO Challenge?

The Complete FTMO Challenge course is designed to guide you through the FTMO Challenge process, helping you achieve a 10% monthly profit using any Forex trading account. This course is ideal for beginners looking to master the art of trading and for experienced traders who want to refine their strategies. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the FTMO Challenge and Verification with ease.

Meet Your Instructors

The instructors at EA Trading Academy are seasoned traders with years of experience in Forex trading and teaching. Their passion for trading and dedication to student success is evident in every lesson. They are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in the FTMO Challenge.

Course Structure

Module 1: Introduction to the FTMO Challenge

  • Welcome and Overview: Get an introduction to the FTMO Challenge and understand the course layout.
  • Understanding FTMO Requirements: Learn about the specific requirements and rules of the FTMO Challenge.
  • Setting Up Your Trading Environment: Tips on setting up your trading space and tools for maximum efficiency.

Module 2: Mastering Forex Trading Basics

  • Forex Trading Fundamentals: Understand key Forex concepts and terminology.
  • Market Dynamics: Learn about market forces and how they influence price movements.
  • Trading Platforms: Get familiar with popular trading platforms and how to use them effectively.

Module 3: Developing Winning Strategies

  • Identifying Trading Opportunities: Learn how to recognize the best Forex pairs to trade each day.
  • Scalping Techniques: Discover how to scalp the market for quick profits.
  • Setting Up Trades: Understand how to enter trades with fixed levels and pending orders to avoid emotional decisions.

Module 4: Risk Management and Profit Targets

  • Risk Management Principles: Master the art of managing risk to protect your trading capital.
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit: Learn where to place stop-loss orders and secure your profits logically.
  • Realistic Profit Goals: Set achievable profit targets to build your desired rewards.

Module 5: Advanced Trading Techniques

  • Trading the London and New York Sessions: Learn to trade during the most volatile market hours.
  • Using Trading Robots: Enhance your trading strategy with automated trading robots.
  • Continuous Improvement: Learn how to refine your strategy and trading robot with every trade.

Key Topics Covered

Trade the Best Pair Each Day

This section teaches you how to identify the strongest and weakest currencies to maximize your trading opportunities. You’ll learn to analyze the market and choose the best Forex pairs to trade daily.

Scalping for Quick Profits

Discover effective scalping techniques to make quick profits from short-term market movements. This strategy is perfect for traders looking to capitalize on rapid price changes.

Emotion-Free Trading with Fixed Levels

Learn to set up trades with fixed entry and exit levels using pending orders. This approach helps you avoid emotional decisions and stick to your trading plan.

Risk Management and Profit Taking

Understand the importance of risk management and learn how to set logical stop-loss orders and secure profits. This module will help you protect your capital and build consistent rewards.

Continuous Improvement with Trading Robots

Find out how to use trading robots to enhance your strategy and improve your trading performance. Learn to tweak and refine your approach based on market feedback.

Who Should Attend This Course

  • Beginner Traders: If you’re new to trading, this course will give you a solid foundation and guide you through the basics.
  • Intermediate Traders: If you’ve got some experience but want to refine your strategy and improve your results, this course is perfect for you.
  • Advanced Traders: Even seasoned traders will find value in the advanced techniques and insights provided in this course.

Benefits of Taking This Course

Real Results

The course offers one-on-one mentorship to ensure you master the strategy and achieve real, tangible results. You’ll learn proven methods to pass the FTMO Challenge and other prop trading firm challenges.

Financial Freedom

Trading can offer you the freedom to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and live life on your terms. This course equips you with the skills to make that a reality, helping you achieve financial independence.

Master Your Psychology

The psychological aspect of trading is crucial for long-term success. This course emphasizes the importance of mental resilience and discipline, helping you stay calm and focused even in volatile markets.

Additional Bonuses

Recorded 1-On-1 Sessions

Gain access to previous one-on-one sessions where instructors answer questions and provide in-depth explanations. These recordings are packed with valuable information and practical tips.

Free Lifetime Updates

EA Trading Academy is committed to keeping the course up-to-date with the latest strategies and market changes. Once you enroll, you’ll receive lifetime updates for free, ensuring you always have the most current information.

Two Weeks of Email Support

After completing the workshop, you’ll receive two weeks of email support to help you with any questions or challenges you encounter. This additional support ensures you can implement what you’ve learned effectively.


What exactly am I getting once I purchase?

You’ll get access to the Complete FTMO Challenge course, including all modules, recorded one-on-one sessions, and lifetime updates. Plus, you’ll receive two weeks of email support after completing the workshop.

Can I use this for my clients?

Absolutely! Whether you’re improving your own skills or coaching others, this course provides valuable strategies and insights that you can apply and teach.

What’s your refund policy?

The course comes with a 30-day risk-free 100% money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, simply send an email for a full refund.

How up-to-date is this course?

As of March 2024, the course is fully up-to-date with the latest trading strategies and market analysis techniques.

Final Thoughts – Your Path to Trading Success

Ready to conquer the FTMO Challenge and transform your trading career? The EA Trading Academy – The Complete FTMO Challenge course is packed with valuable insights, proven strategies, and expert guidance to help you become a successful trader. Enroll today and start building your trading legacy! 🌟

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