Ben Adkins – Digital Agency Insider

Ben Adkins – Digital Agency Insider

Ben Adkins – Digital Agency Insider

Who are the “Digital Agency Insiders” for?

Dear fellow Digital Agency Owner,

If you’re anything like me, you can’t spend every day of your week getting out there to meet and close clients in your local town.

I closed my first 24 clients locally… grinding it out… dropping off donuts to break the ice, and then closing them via an in-person meeting.

But eventually, that didn’t make sense anymore…

I wanted to start scaling my business and I just didn’t have the time to get out there and do my prospecting locally anymore.

I also figured out that the clients who were going to end up spending 20-100k with me per year weren’t typically the kind of businesses that I was going to find in my town.

The problem was, that most of the people out there teaching courses on how to build an agency into something substantial were… um… less than reliable.

After buying every course and program under the sun on how to build and grow a digital agency, I was left frustrated and burnt out.

And that’s when I decided to change up my strategy…

“If I was going to build a Successful Digital Agency myself, I needed to stop buying courses. Instead, I needed to get out there and “intern” with Agencies that were already Successful.”

So, I started digging in.

I went online and started looking at the bottom of every local business website that I could find. I started looking at the best social media profiles. I started looking at google search results for which local businesses were running the best ads.

Once I had done that…

I started digging into which companies were helping these local businesses.

From there, I picked up the phone and started calling these Digital Marketing Agencies and making a very simple requests.

I would ask:

“Can I pay you for an hour of your time and interview you about how your Agency Works”?

What I learned from these Successful Agency owners would change my life forever. Instead of following theories from online courses, I started following what these successful business owners were doing in the real world.

So what did they tell me that wasn’t being taught in the courses that I bought?

It was simple.

I asked them 10 simple questions on every call I did. Once they gave me their answer, I really dug in so that
I could get the details behind how their agency actually works. I was relentless

The 10 Questions that I ask every Successful Agency Owner I talk to.

I’m constantly looking for Agencies that are doing big things online (but are hiding in the background and not teaching others). Once I find them, I call them up and offer to pay them to answer the 10 questions below in an interview.

  • What is your Core Service and how does it work?
  • What equipment or software do you need to pull that off?
  • What do you charge for that service (pricing structure)?
  • What niche/s do you focus on?
  • How do you get in front of potential clients the first time?
  • What do your “new client” sales funnel look like?
  • How do you, onboard new clients?
  • Do you do anything special to keep clients coming back to you?
  • What is your favorite thing about this model?
  • What is your least favorite thing about this model?

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