Andrei Jikh – Zero to a Million

Zero to a Million

I want to teach you step by step how to build a profitable online brand


“I wish I knew back then what I know now about making engaging videos and building a profitable online social media brand”


this is only YouTube Ad Revenue

My top-earning videos have made tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue alone.

Learn how to create content that is visually stunning, and expertly crafted in order to build an audience.

Learn how to increase your watch time by structuring videos that get people to actually click & watch your videos.

Learn the secrets of the YouTube algorithm that took me from zero to a million subscribers in less than 2 years.

Zero To A Million

Zero to a Million

Let me show you step by step how you can do it too


In this 20 page guide, I’ll teach you the YouTube algorithm for creating a social media brand. This is how I went from Zero To A Million.

Zero To A Million

  • 70+ Instructional Videos
  • Photoshop Template
  • LUT Pack

Class Coaching

  • Group Coaching Sessions One Hour A Week To Reviewing Your Channel for 6 months
  • Exclusive Private Access To Members Only Discord
  • 70+ Instructional Videos
  • Photoshop Template
  • LUT Pack
Zero to a Million Get To Know Me On YouTube!

I’ve been doing YouTube for almost two years. I combine my love for magic and investing to educate and inspire people about personal finance.

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