Andra Vahl – Facebook Advertising Secrets

Andra Vahl – Facebook Advertising Secrets

Andra Vahl – Facebook Advertising Secrets

The Step-by-Step System for Mastering

Facebook and Instagram Ads to get more Leads, Conversions, and Sales

Here’s what you will find inside…

My Proven 3-Step System for
Confidence and Success with Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ad Strategy

Develop a customized Ad Strategy for your clients’ specific industry and goals. Learn the winning strategies for different types of promotions and a variety of industries: B2C, B2B, Local Restaurants, Realtors, Dentists, Authors, Coaches, Consultants and more.

Facebook Ad Tactics

Discover the latest tactics that will get your clients a great ROI. Learn how to successfully do targeting, split testing, conversion tracking with pixels, set your budget, launching campaigns, read the analytics and create ads that convert!

Facebook Ads Agency and Consulting Training

Start, grow and scale your agency or consulting business and make a great income running Facebook ads for clients. You’ll learn my proven formula for getting clients, keeping your pipeline full, writing proposals, profitable pricing and packaging, reporting to clients and much more. Make all the income you need to live the lifestyle you want!

Step 1: Create a Winning Facebook Ads Strategy

When it comes to doing Facebook ads, you can’t afford a trial and error approach. It’s your clients’ dollars — and YOUR reputation… way too much is at stake.

There’s not much worse than gaining a client’s trust, them spending money on a campaign you’ve designed, and then the campaign gets dismal results. You will most likely lose that client forever, as well as their referrals… not fun.

You can do so much better than that…

You just need a proven strategy that is customized to the type of promotion you are doing and the type of business you are serving… which happens to be exactly what this course provides.

In this section, I’ll walk you through exactly how to create a Facebook ads strategy customized to your client’s unique goals and business niche.

You’ll see REAL WORLD examples of what works for a variety of industries, from local businesses, to authors, consultants, restaurants, realtors, dentists, health and wellness professionals, B2B, and B2C, and for a variety of promotions including online courses, product launches, workshops, events, book launches, e-commerce, and promoting a Facebook group.

By the end of this training, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to run a variety of campaign types for a variety of business niches.

You’ll learn how to:

Map out a customized Facebook ads strategy that creates successful results

Determine what type of ads work best for specific goals and business niches

Design sales and marketing funnels that convert leads to sales

Use split tests to optimize performance

Set goals and calculate the ROI for your Facebook ads, so you can get great results while staying within your client’s budget

Understand what metrics you need to pay attention to (and which to ignore!) for each type of campaign

Step 2: Execute Your Strategy with Tactics That Get Results

In this section, you’ll learn the A-Z’s of how to create, submit, and run successful Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad campaigns.

This is where the rubber meets the road. The right strategy is the first step, but you need to know the right tactics in order to execute it seamlessly.

You’ll learn how to:

Create eye-catching ads that engage your audience while generating hot leads and sales

Create different types of ads including brand awareness ads, traffic ads, conversion ads, lead generation ads, video ads, messenger ads, carousel ads, and Instagram ads

Boost your posts (and make them even better!) so they engage the right audience

Precisely target your ads with the right Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences
Create effective retargeting campaigns to retarget website visitors

Set up conversion tracking with pixels so you can track your client’s ROI (yes, we’ll show you how to get the Facebook pixel working on your site!)

Troubleshoot ads, resolving problems like low reach, high conversion costs, low click-through rates, and more

Use Facebook Business Manager to run campaigns for your clients

Understand Facebook Ad Reports so you can identify if an ad is working or not and why

Optimize your ad campaigns, so you get the best results for the lowest cost


Learning how to create the right strategy and execute it with the right tactics are the first two steps. The third, most critical step is knowing how to run a profitable ad agency or consulting business.

The tools in Facebook Advertising Secrets will help you run a profitable agency and bring in all the clients you desire.

In this section, you’ll learn how to:

Win new clients, using my #1 proven strategy (that I still use today to get business!)

Stand out both on and offline so you are always the front runner

Price, package and structure your services for high profitability

Write winning proposals that land you the contract (using my top notch proposal template!)

Run successful ad campaigns for your clients (including the 4 essentials you must have in place from the start)

Set up campaigns for your clients seamlessly and keep them separated in your Facebook account

Successfully manage clients with multiple ads

Create regular reports for clients, so they know exactly what’s working and the ROI you are getting

Plus, you’ll get my very own proposal and report templates, swipe files, image creation templates, and more… all saving you hours of time and energy!

The most successful people model those who have gone before them and achieved results. You’ll get insider’s access to my full playbook, showing you exactly how I set up and run my profitable Facebook Ads agency

When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Jumpstart Bonuses

Beginner’s Guide to the Business Manager – finally understand how the Business Manager works

Facebook Ads Workbook – set up your strategy
Facebook Pixel Guide – get the pixel set up properly and start tracking and retargeting

Facebook Ads ROI Calculator – calculate your predicted campaign profits based on your numbers

Checklists for before your campaign and during your campaign – your system for your campaign setup

Facebook Ads Troubleshooting Guide – diagnose what is going wrong

Bonus 2: Agency Level Bonuses

Facebook Advertising Pricing Workbook – Make sure you are pricing your services right

Proposal Templates – Report Templates – Save yourself hours of time

Getting Started Checklist – Make sure you have everything in place

SWIPE FILE – For designing powerful Ads
Canva Ad Image Template – Easily create beautiful images

Sample Contracts – Created by a lawyer

Best Client Scripts – For different situations

PowerPoint Ads Training Template – Easily create a presentation or speech about Facebook Ads

SUPER Bonus 3: Certification for the Course

Receive a certification when you test your knowledge and receive a passing score of 80% or above. This is a great way to ensure you absorb the material.

The certification and gives you added credibility if you’re running ads for clients. Certification makes a difference with clients—our current agency and consultant members have told us that having this certification wins them business on a regular basis!

Sales Page:  Download Files Size: 13.8GB

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